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The quality of the incubation process has an influence not only on the hatchability of the fertile eggs, but also on the quality of the day old chicks. Research and field data have shown over and over again that a non-optimal incubation process results in a poor chick quality, which results in a loss of growth and feed conversion and an increase in mortality.

In the attached program an economical calculation can be made on the financial influence of this hatchabilty and chick quality. In the program situation A and B can be compared, as issues as investment, depreciation, energy costs, vaccine costs, hatchability and technical broiler performances can be calculated on their financial influence on the integration. This can be done for different size hatcheries, and it can be separated in the financial influence on the hatchery itself (in case the hatchery sells day old chicks) or in the total integration (if the hatchery is part of a fully integrated company).

Price of day old chicks, feed, meat etc can be altered as well, to make it suitable for a local situation.

In the downloadable Excel file, an example is given where situation B has 1% lower hatchability and 10 g less body weight than in situation B, for a hatchery of 50 million day old chicks per year. Of course all the parameters can be changed to evaluate the influence of certain changes.


Economical calculation of costs and profits of hatchery alterations