The house should be prepared and in optimal condition when the chicks arrive. This means that a good planning and timely start of the actions is essential. Before the chicks arrive, the house and equipment must be in good working order. Also, the house and equipment must be cleaned, disinfected and stand idle for at least 10 days.

As soon as the house is cleaned, check the equipment for proper functioning and repair/replace parts if necessary. The disinfection room at the entrance of the house must be used as soon as the house is cleaned and disinfected, to avoid cross contamination. After disinfection, a microbiological examination should take place, to assess the result of the cleaning and disinfection. If the results are not satisfactory, there should be enough time to repeat the disinfection.

Bring litter into the house and set up the brooding areas (in case of local brooding a few days before arrival of the birds and disinfect once more. After this disinfection the house should be thoroughly ventilated, to create a good working and living environment. Just before arrival of the chicks, fill up the feeders and waterers with fresh feed and water.