Hydrogen peroxide is a useful product for hatching egg disinfection An effective solution for hatching egg disinfection is 3%.
However, because it is instable, the use of pure hydrogen peroxide is not practical.
To stabilize it, products like glycerine, silver nitrate or an acid has to be added.

Several products are on the market that are available. The best known products for this are (without being complete or suggesting that other products are less useful)
- Glyroxyl, (hydrogen peroxide 3%, stabilised with glycerine)
- Aqua clean, (hydrogen peroxide 3%, stabilised with silver nitrate)
Besides that, there are several products (for instance made by CID lines) that contain hydrogen peroxide as one of the active ingredients.

An effective house made solution of hydrogen peroxide for hatching egg disinfection can be made by:
- dilute the hydrogen perioxide to a 3% concentration (normally that will require diluting it 10 times, as most commercial hydrogen perioxide solutions contain 30% active hydrogen perioxide
- add 1% acetic acid for stabilising
- add some dishwasher detergent for foam forming
Although this product is rather stable, try to use it up within a week, to prevent contamination and reduction of concentration.