Traffic on a farm is a major source of disease introduction and people are the usually the culprits. Flock supervisors, truck drivers, veterinarians, inspectors, service crew and visitors go from farm to farm in a short period of time. Therefore it is essential to have strict rules and procedures to prevent introduction of pathogens to the farm.

Key rules:
- Employees should neither have any poultry or pet birds at home nor have contact with any birds.
- Persons entering a (G)PS farm must not have visited poultry at lower levels during the last three days. Lower levels are in descending order: PS hatcheries, PS farms, broiler hatcheries, broiler farms, processing plants.
- Visitors should not be allowed on (G)PS sites unless necessary.
- Any person entering the farm should take a shower, including hair wash, and be provided with clean farm clothing and footwear.
- At the entrance of each house, footwear and outerwear must be changed. The colour of outer- and footwear must be distinctly different in- and outside the house.
- Moving equipment from farm to farm must be avoided. Before entering, equipment should be disinfected.

Be aware that strict implementation of these rules is necessary all the time. It is often observed that the rules are obeyed during normal working days, but that during the time of loading a flock, vaccination or selection, or any other moment that extra hands are urgently needed on the farm, all of a sudden the normal precautions are not taken into consideration anymore.