There are a lot of different nests available for broiler breeders. They can be separated in two main groups:
- hand collected or manual nests, often using litter as bedding material
- mechanical or automated nests, often using astroturf as bottom

Another distinction can be made between individual nests and community nests.

In general, the nests must provide the following:
In every nest the birds must be able to enter comfortably, sit quietly and be protected well.

The entrance of the nest must be high enough for the birds to enter easily. Not only the height of the nest opening itself determines it, but also the distance from the slat or perch to the top of the nest opening, as birds will inspect the nest standing in front of it. The opening of the nest can be 20 cm, but the distance between slat or perch and top of the nest should be closer to 30 cm.

The width of the nest should be not only wide enough for the birds to sit comfortably, but also to turn around after entering and to sit facing outwards. This means that the width should be about 30 cm (individual nest). Also the depth of the nest should be at least 30 cm, but preferably more.

The best way to judge if the nest design is correct is to look at the birds behaviour when inspecting, entering and leaving the nest. If the birds have to "crawl" in, the nest design is not correct.