Thorough cleaning and disinfection is necessary to remove the residual products of the previous flock of birds, rodents and insects. This is to ensure that the environment does not contain any pathogens that may affect the health and performance of the incoming flock.

The best way for cleaning and disinfection is to follow the points below:
- Implement a rodent control program.
- Spray all surfaces with an approved and effective insecticide directly after removal of the birds.
- Switch-off all electrical equipment and spray ceiling, walls and litter with water to dampen the dust.
- Empty the feeding system.
- Move all equipment outside the house for cleaning.
- Remove all dust and debris from fan shafts, beams, water pipes, etc.
- Remove all litter from the house and transport it outside the premises.
- Drain the water lines and fill them with a disinfectant. Remove the disinfectant after 24 hours.
- Soak the surfaces and equipment in the house with water and an appropriate cleaning detergent, preferably a detergent that forms a foam. Let the house soaked for several hours.
- Clean the house with sufficient water, preferably under high pressure and a proper detergent. Start at the top and work downwards.
- Water tanks, pipes, covers, etc., should be cleaned and if possible filled with a disinfectant. The disinfectant should be removed with clean water after 24 hours.
- Clean the feeding systems, preferably with water and a detergent. Feed bins should be cleaned and disinfected by fumigation.
- Clean the outside of the house as well, especially the gutters, air in- and outlets as well as the external concrete area.
- After cleaning and washing, repairs and maintenance can be done.
- Disinfect the house, preferably with a disinfectant dissolved in water.
- Control the effectiveness of the program by an hygiene test based on bacterial counts. If the hygiene score is insufficient, wet disinfection has to be repeated.
- Bring litter and equipment back into the house and disinfect again by fumigation.

Insecticides, cleaning detergents and disinfectants should be used according to the manufacturers' instructions and safety regulations. Be careful when using these products, as they form a risk for human health.